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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Surfing the Web for Radio Reading

We're under a blizzard warning today here in SE Minnesota. 10"-12" of heavy snow is forecast along with winds up to 50mph. My KX3 is in the shop and somehow the power supply project in the basement isn't calling to me. Instead I've been surfing the "net" looking at my favorite sites. Here are some I've found:

Vintage Radio Magazines on line - this includes ones like Shortwave Craft and Radio News. These are great sources of radio/parts/company information and potential projects

Notes on Amateur Radio Transmitter Design, James Millen, 1938

National Radio Products catalog, 1947

Radio Design Practice (mechanical drawings of lots of radio parts including National dials and caps), James Millen and MB Sleeper, 1935

Technical books online - This one includes full scans/PDFs of the 1936 and 1941 ARRL Handbooks, 1938 and 1940 Radio Handbook and the 1959 edition of Bill Orr's Radio Handbook

The VE7SL  Radio Handbook - Steve has posted details many of his projects here. Take the time, also, to go to his 1929 TNT transmitter page and then scroll down to see his photo gallery of homebrew '29 style rig.

ARRL HF Verticals    Links to many QST articles about vertical antennas. Use the sidebar to find articles about other types of antennas.

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