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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Summer QRP => Portable Antennas

Summertime is QRPxpedition time here at W0VLZ. After a winter of playing with boat anchors in the basement I'm ready to get out to a park with my KX3. With any rig I always have to think about an antenna. Looking back on my blog and website I see that I've gone through this before.

Here are some links: Construction details and experiences using a 20 meter endfed halfwave wire "tuned" by 14' of TV twinlead. A portable 20 meter vertical Building and using a C-Pole Vertical My quest for a stand-alone 20 mtr portable antenna A 30-10 meter "clothes line" dipole

See you next time from a convenient park.

73, Niel - W0VLZ