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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Clotheline Dipole

My Christmas list this year included two Coleman Clothesline/Laundry Reels ( ). I replaced the clothesline with 25' of stranded/insulated wire and made up a center insulator with a coax fitting.

Now I have a field configurable 30-10 meter dipole. All I need to do is attach the coax and wire/clothesline reels to the center insulator, roll both sides out to the proper dipole length for the band of choice, lock each leg by wrapping the wire around the tab on the reel and then hoist it up in the air. The wire still coiled on the reels at the two ends of the antenna should not be a problem.

Spring is close here in southern Minnesota. Soon I'll be able to take it out and give it a try.


Scott Miller said...

Have you had a chance to try it yet? And does the extra wire at end of spools make any difference/detune the antenna on, say, 10 Meters? Thx W7SLM

Niel - W0VLZ said...

I tried it out a couple of years ago on 30 and 20. It worked like a low hung dipole. I didn't notice that the coiled wire at the ends detuned the antenna.