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Friday, September 20, 2019

FB7 / Parallel 46s Station On the Air

This week I finally finished up my early 30s CW station using a National FB7 and a homebrew 1934 transmitter. To-Dos that have been slowing me down are recapping the FB7, making a new power cable (and repairing the FB7 power cable) and then shoe horning everything into the corner I  have available for it. Does anyone else have a shack that reminds them of the old advertising slogan: "There's always room for Jello"?

I got on the air looking for signal reports and  RBN feedback. I had three QSOs that night (N4EDE/NC, W9BRD/NJ, W5RG/FL). All reported that my 10 watts sounded fine. W9BRD, even gave me a "first rate note" comment. 27 hits on the RBN said I was also getting out. Great! I've another fun station to put on the air and it is a perfect match for the January 2020 AWA Linc Cundall CW Contest.

What next? The AWA Bruce Kelley1929 QSO Party is coming up in November. I better get my  Push Pull Colpitts transmitter back on line, tested and ready to go.