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Monday, February 25, 2008

Further 6J5/6L6 Transmitter Developments

Using my 6J5/6L6 transmitter in the January AWA OT CW Contest reminded me that my original intent for this transmitter was to have some sort of loading control. In theory L2, the output link, can be wound to properly match a 50 ohm load. In reality I never quite got the power I expected when I used a fixed output link. The solution is to switch to a pi network or add a loading capacitor between L2 and ground.

In keeping with the vintage of the design and the typical output networks of the day I added C10, a loading capacitor, between the output link and ground. C10 is actually a 300pf variable with an old television 300pf doorknob capacitor optionally in parallel with it. The photos show a toggle switch next to the output coil that controls whether the extra 300pf is in the circuit of not. It is needed on 80 but not on 40.

Tuneup is now the standard "dip and load " sort of procedure. Plate current is dipped using C8 and then increased by increasing C10 capacitance. This is repeated until adjusting C10 does not increase plate current. The last step should be to dip the plate current using C8. With a 300 volt (under load) power supply mine easily loads up to about 50mA or 15 watts input.