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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One last visit to the Park

Yesterday it was sunny and the temperature reached 70 degrees, almost 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. Looking at the forecast it looked like this might be one last warm day until next spring. I felt a picnic table calling my name.

Beth picked up lunch at our local KFC while I set up my KX3 and 20 meter zepp at Silver Lake Park here in Rochester. The Reverse Beacon Network showed that conditions were not that good. Only one skimmer gave me a two digit signal report. After going through the effort of setting up I went ahead and called CQ.

The couple of hours on the air/eating lunch/enjoying the weather and company netted me three contacts, about average for me on one of these local QRPxpeditions: WB3AAI/4 / Florida, KF4CLO / Texas and KC2ICA / New York. QSB up and down was the norm for the day. It was neat, though, that KC2ICA was running only 1 watt to a random length wire. That was just 28 miles short of 1000 miles per watt.

Time now to crank up the heat a little and switch over to winter operating ... Boat Anchors in the Basement.