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Sunday, October 28, 2007

QRP Operating - Austin, TX

On October 26 I finally had a chance to do some more K1/QRP operating. This time while on a trip to Austin, TX. The weather was great: sunny and about 75. My antenna was again a 67' (full wavelength on 20 mtrs) endfed wire . The operating position was on second floor balcony. I ended up running my antenna up to eaves above me and then sloping down to a fence along side the yard. My clear view was to the east and I was on top of a bluff over looking Lake Travis.

A few minutes before noon I had a QSO started with KC9AWL, Len, in Palm Coast, FL on 14.057. He gave me a 559 but when I noted how deep the QSB/fades were I knew we were in trouble. Len turned it over to me but, evidently, the band went south and he lost me. I never heard him a second time.

Within ten minutes I had another QSO going on 14.057, this time with WA9FZP, Phil, in Racine, WI. This enjoyable QSO lasted about 1/2 hour with 559-569 signals the entire time.