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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Additional 815 xmtr Mod

Another feature missing from most pre-WWII transmitters is some sort of spotting capability. Two reasons drive the need for spotting capability today. First, with transceivers being the norm, operators rarely tune the band looking for a response to a CQ. If answering a CQ, you need to be close to on frequency. Operating in an open spot on the band is the second reason for a spotting switch. Choosing the right operating frequency/crystal requires spotting capability.

To add a spotting switch to the 815 transmitter I'll try a DPDT switch connected in the cathode circuits of both the oscillator and the final. In the "spot" position it will key the oscillator just as the key and also open the cathode-to-ground connection on the 815. The crystal oscillator should operate normally letting me locate myself in the band but I'll not have 50 watts of RF overloading my receiver.

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