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Monday, March 19, 2007

815 xmtr

I'm to the point of starting to layout my 815 transmitter. Here are a couple of figures from the 1943 ARRL handbook describing this transmitter along with a picture of my preliminary layout. My chassis is 3"x 8"x12" so I have a little more room. Good thing, since I didn't have the small size variable caps called out in the original design. I'm also allowing room for a VR150 (seen on the back left corner) in case the oscillator stage needs regulated B+ for stability. The original design used only 3.5MHz crytals to cover 80, 40 and 20. I'm going to use 3.5 MHz crystals on 80, 7MHz crystals on 40 and 7MHz crystals on 20. This leads to one change. I'm adding a switch across L1/C3. This will be used to short out the cathode coil/cap when I'm running the tri-tet oscillator straight through.

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