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Sunday, March 18, 2007

815 transmitter

According to the 1942 ARRL Handbook the 815 requires less then 2/10 of a watt of drive. A 6L6 is rated for much more than that. The 6V6 has the same base pinout but lower rating. I'll switch over to a 6V6 for the oscillator stage. My power supply will deliver about 500 VDC for the 815 but I don't want to run the 6V6 at 500 volts. I'll need to somehow drop 500V down to about 150 VDC for the oscillator stage. Depending on current requirements a VR150 and a dropping resistor might work. I don't want to use just a dropping resistor since then the 6V6 plate voltage could go as high as 500VDC with the key up.

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