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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Putting the Drake 2B on 30 and 17 meters

Recently I noticed the optional crystal frequency chart in my Drake 2B manual. It shows that a 14.0 MHz crystal allows you to listen to WWV on 10 MHz and 30 mtrs on 10.1-10.150. Nice, but wait, buy one get a second one free! The chart in the manual also shows that by retuning the preselector that same 14.0 MHz crystal also covers 17.5-18.1 MHz. This includes the lower half of the 17 mtr band. It looked like shifting the crystal up 100 KHz would shift coverage to include the entire 17 mtr band and still keep WWV and 30 mtrs on the dial. Outstanding!

A quick check of AF4K's website at shows that he stocks 14.1 MHz crystals in both the HC49 and HC6 style holders. Being cheap I bought the HC49 version for $12 instead of the HC6 plug and play option for $24. I mounted my new crystal on a hacked off HC6 base and plugged it in. It works fine.

Range C on my 2B now covers WWV, 30 mtrs and 17 mtrs.

Where is Solar Cycle 25? 

Update:   The AF4K/Bry Carling crystal business has been purchased by WD8DAS and is taking orders. The new webste is at

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