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Friday, November 15, 2013

More about a power supply for a 1939 Transmitter

Plans change....after studying my collection of available transformers I found one rated at 560 (center tapped) at 270mA. This would work well with a full wave bridge rectifier as the TZ-20 final stage B+ (550VDC). Half of this, full wave center tapped rectified, is about right for the buffer stage (270VDC) and a VR-150 should be able to take this down to 150V for the oscillator stage.

I recalled Brian, WA7PAC's, comment to me several years ago when I was
dealing with a similar problem on a different transmitter. He suggested an "Economy Power Supply". Rather than clone my one transformer it's possible to run it with both a full wave bridge rectifier and a full wave center tapped rectifier.This looks like it may work.

I'm using PSU Designer II to help me play with filter options before I put solder to the iron.

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