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Friday, May 25, 2007

QRP (and a little homebrew)

After a couple of days of on and off rain with cool weather here in SE Minnesota, today was sunny and temperature about 70 ... great evening for a picnic and a little QRPing from the park. We chose to go to Florence Park in Stewartville, MN. With my K1 and 67' endfed wire in a tree, 20 mtrs sounded pretty dead. An early CQ did raise K9PWK but QSB was bad and we lost each other before we really had much of a QSO (he gave me a 229). Finally at 6:45 Terry, N4IY, in Borden, IN came back to me. We had a nice QSO. His 4 watts was doing a fine 579 job.

On the homebrew 815 transmitter front I've been trying to get the final coil wound so that the transmitter delivers full output to a 50 ohm load. At this point I'm about to add an outboard antenna tuner to my project list.

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