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Monday, May 7, 2007

I've powered my new transmitter up on 40 meters.

For use during this test phase I built an adapter to allow the use of B&W 5 pin JVL transmitter coils instead of winding coils on my National coil forms. I'm also temporarily connecting the bias and voltage dropping resistor networks to the back 12 terminal barrier strip. This way I can easily play with the resistor values to get the right voltages.

The transmitter loads up to 40 watts input and 30 watts output with no sign of self oscillation

I've still problems, though. The 815 screen current won't come down. It appears to draw around 60 mA rather than 15. High screen current causes the screen dissipation to be exceeded, maybe damaging the 815. Right now I'm looking for another 815 to compare readings with.

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