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Monday, December 10, 2018

Further 6J5/6L6 Transmitter Developments

My shack continues to be in a state of flux, Nothing is built just once. As I rethink things, stuff is added or changed.

In this case I decided to pair my 6J5/6L6 transmitter up with my HRO Sr rather than my Simple Superhet. I wanted something of the right design vintage and looks to sit next to my HRO while running either barefoot or driving my TZ-20 amp. The core design of my 6J5/6L6 transmitter is right out of a 1940 Stancor manual so the design was fine. It just didn't look like it belonged with the HRO Sr. What I did was a cosmetic change replacing the front panel and then repackaging the transmitter in a metal cabinet.

If I ever need a more upscale transmitter in that spot I have a Meissner Signal Shifter waiting in the wings.


Don Dulmage said...


Don Dulmage said...

I hurd U. 7118 approx. Tried a reply but no cigar. Anyway 549

Niel - W0VLZ said...

Don, Yeap, that was me. I was tuning up my 6J5 -> 6L6 -> PP TZ20s and HRO Sr station running about 60 watts to get ready for the Linc Cundall. Hope to work you later. 73, Niel