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Friday, March 23, 2018

A New Rig

My new rig...

The Heathkit HW-16 was one of the last rigs designed specifically for the US Novice operator. It was marginally a transceiver. The receiver and transmitter sections share a common power supply and antenna coupling circuitry. The HW-16 covered only 80, 40 and 15 meters, the bands allowed for Novices in the late 60s. The CW only transmitter ran 75 watts and was crystal controlled, again novice requirements. The receiver section was double conversion with 500Hz selectivity. Good selectivity for the chaotic novice bands was a must. After my initial tuning around the 40 meter band I'm pretty happy.

Only 345 +- days to go to the NRR 2019. In the mean time look for me in the evenings around 7110-7120.


Jeff Davis, KE9V said...

Congrats on the acquisition. Had one as a Novice in 77. After a few months I saved up enough for the matching HG10B VFO. Life was much sweeter between the 'rocks'. HI! I had really good success with that setup and a low-dipole that was way too close to the power lines for comfort. Some nights I still I wake up in a sweat thinking about that!

As usual, I wish I had kept it. Enjoy it! The Benton Harbor magic never fades.

73 de Jeff, KE9V


I like the HW16. It is a bit of a bare bones rig but it does the job very well if you are trolling the "novice bands." I have owned a couple of them. The fatal flaw is of the friction drive dial is worn out.
Maybe someone makes replacements, but such work is beyond the skill set of most hobbyists. Good luck with your HW16 Niel and I hope to hear you on the air with it soon - Bry AF4K

Don Dulmage said...

And to think I worked you both back to back last night!