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Monday, May 14, 2012

New KX3 QSL Card

It's a new "QRP in the Park" season and I have a new rig. I need a new QSL card.

My new card, using Walmart digital photo printing and 3.3"x4" Avery shipping labels, costs about $.30 each in single quantities. This is a great match for my operating style. Rarely do I get on the air and work 100s (or even 10s) of hams in a short time. It would take me forever to work through 100 or more pre-printed QSL cards. This way I can make up QSL cards 5-10 at a time and easily update them without throwing out a bunch of unused cards.

Interested in doing the same? See my January 2, 2010 blog entry.


Bob Mayo said...
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Bob Mayo said...

Very cool Niel!
Bob, W2TAC