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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

QRP operating at Myre-Big Lake State Park

This last weekend Beth and I took our camper trailer to Myre-Big Lake State Park near Albert Lea, MN. I had along my K1 and Crappie Pole 20 mtr C-Pole vertical.

As expected the C-Pole antenna worked well. Over the weekend I had 11 contacts including WA3SLN (PA), K4SPO (KY), K3WWP (PA), AF4O (TN), WB2PEF (NY), VA3RKM (ONT), WB6OJB (CA),WB4KLI (KY), WD9F (IL), W2IQK (NY) and W9LD (WA). I also started a QSO with AB7KT (NV) but that QSO was as victim of QSB/QRM/QRN.

Charles, K1ETU, from Oneonta, NY, spotted me and stopped by for an enjoyable "eyeball QSO". Bill, a camper from Louisville, KY, also stopped by bringing his two sons. Bill has been interested in ham radio since a teenager but had never gotten a license. Now he's thinking of locating a Louisville Radio Club and working on getting his ticket.

The crappie pole frame for my C-Pole really stands out in a campground. It looks like some sort of tall skinny game target or goal. Lots of campers noticed it as they walked or drove by, some asked about it. My favorite comment: "I've never seen a camping accessory like that before".

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