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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

W0VLZ Operating

I have almost a week to kick back at a lake resort here in north central Minnesota. As usual I have my K1 along. In the past I would have made use of a tree as an antenna support for my end fed 67' wire antenna. This time I'm using my Crappie Pole C-Pole antenna.

Conditions have been marginal at best with strong signals few and far between and QSB the order of the day. Daily operating has been rewarded by a few contacts....VE3FIT (Toronto, ON), N3EIN (Coatesville, PA) and
W9FHA (Evansville, IN). Another contact, with K9WWT in Merrillville, IN, was a victim of QSB. My signal went from 589 to unreadable in the length of George's initial transmission.

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