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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A 1928 Hartley

After seeing my 1934 transmitter a friend asked if I was doing anything special for the Bruce Kelley Memorial 1929 QSO Party coming up in December. Last year I put my TNT transmitter and SW3 on the air. This year it might be interesting to try a Hartley oscillator.

As ham radio approached January 1, 1929, and the more rigorous standards, the ARRL encouraged hams to improve their stations. One improved transmitter design was a single tube Hartley oscillator described by Ross Hull in the August 1928 issue of QST. Bruce Howes, W1UJR, covers this design on his web site here.

I've been searching through my junque box looking for the parts I need. The first step was a parts list and an enlarged scan/photo of the transmitter. After picking thr
ough multiple boxes and peanut butter jars I've lots of possibilities. Now it's a matter of sorting through what I have for the parts that match the original design.

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