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Monday, April 9, 2007

Final 815 Transmitter Layout

I've finally committed to a layout and mounted the major parts. From left to right along the front is the xtal (with B directly above it) C1 and C2. Left to right on top is 6V6, L2/L3, 815 and L4. RFC2 is mounted upright behind the 815 and L4. I elevated L2/L3 so that it could be mounted directly above C1. The toggle switch on top of the chassis in the right front corner is to short out L1 when not multipling in the tri-tet oscillator. The extra space along the back is reserved for whatever is needed to get the screen and oscillator voltages right. The spotting switch will probably go in the space between C1 and C2 with a cathode current meter mounted directly above it (if I add a front panel).

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